a broken spell


<bkz: king diamond>

ı stumbled out of grandma's room, down the stairs and out of the house
once outside i felt my mind begin to fight a battle for control

with the tea pot broken i kind of realized
that "their" power was less here, here on the outside

ı fell to my knees in haziness
and i looked in through the window to the cellar
things were moving down there, "they" were searching for something
and "they" really found it, the big axe was flying

flying out through the cellar door
up the stairs to the kitchen...
then i passed out

the next thing i remember seeing was the smoke coming from the chimney
ı soon realized the smoke i saw was actually... oh no!
all there was left of missy and her dress, poor little girl

the spell was broken, i really felt the change
as my mind and body became one again

the moon was alive with its silvery eye
staring right into my evil heart

ı went back to see if my grandma' was still there
waiting for me in the attic... oh i hate that bitch

   kechi   07.05.2009 17:52
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