a darker side of black


ı don't wanna care, ı don't wanna know
getting shot in the head by your own weapon
get your spite for free and your sins erased
ın times of pain, in times of rain

contain the emptiness
apply the loneliness in me

try to speak with something dead
allow the weak to shake its head
would you kill for me or just for free?
ı can be as dead as one can be

when they all can breathe we all will suffer
when they all are dead we cannot live
so shake that head until it's empty
hello ı'm dead and so are you

did you see that episode where they all dies?
did you catch that star where they all cried?

ı'm talking to you!

a paler shade of white, a darker side of black

dimension zero
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   le lys dans la vallee   23.01.2009 18:34
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