baby blue


<bkz: emiliana torrini>

boxing shadows in my sleep

ıt's the company ı keep

the perfect exercise

as ı grow older

ı can't believe what god has done

he took the heat out of the sun

and now it seems the world

ıs growing colder


between the pleasure and the pain

wishing your life away

no more sinister than sane

briefing your life away

between the flicker and the flame

no one can explain

baby blue is born again

ı'm looking for some place to go

sucking out screams in stereo

before my very eyes

ı saw her drowning

keep my daughter in a jar

she can't get out she won't go far

my heart is in my mouth

but still keeps pounding

   hande_sh   21.03.2008 19:37
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