beautiful woman


how can ı begin to
tell you what you do to
me every time ı hear ya
more willing to wanna see ya

ı know that there's no use in
tryin' to explain the confusion
but still ı'm not complainin'
'bout my situation

let's not talk about a
possible ending

the very first time that ı
was lookin' to be your fella
ı found my inspiration
hidin' in your expression
so ı put myself forward
for your consideration

let's not talk about a
possible ending
let's not think about it
every day
and ı know
ı'm so
ın love
with you
ı'm finding it harder and harder to breath
every time ı hear
my beautiful woman

and so we put the top down
to take you drivin' downtown
ı guess we'll know just what to do
when you're lookin' to fool around

ıt's too late to stop me
ı know we're gonna get down


my beautiful woman
my beautiful woman
my beautiful woman

b is for beautiful
as the sunshine
e tells me everything is feelin' alright
a goes to you and me swingin' it down
t is two
ı want you, you've got me actin' like a


<bkz: backstreet boys>

   pul koleksiyoncusu   10.09.2007 03:24

<bkz: güzel bayan>

   banabinickbulun   10.09.2007 08:01
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