behind space


grup: in flames
album: lunar strain
track no: 1

sozleri de su sekil;

call me by my astral name
breeding fear through worldless toungh
heavenly thirst - unspeakable pain
emptied from all human motions
confront the faceless wrath

beckoning silent from a sphere behind space
trough twisted ruins of uncompleted dreams
signs of towers reaching for the moon
they´re clawing at the skies they gonna pull it down

intensity i feel the lava rushing through my veins
stars are reforming to enter the fourth dimension

behind al galaxies through timeless aenos of frost
unearthly hunger- angels decent

albumun en saglam parcalarindandir, hatta en saglamidir. 4 adet in flames albumunde yer alandir esasen: lunar strain, colony, black ash inheritence, the tokyo showndown.

   my dying wish   21.11.2007 17:27
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