black seared heart


1997 çıkışlı gehenna best of/compilation

1. intro
2. two demons eight spirits
3. black seared heart
4. angelwings and ravenclaws
5. the chariots that carried her to the grave
6. outro
7. outro 2
8. a witch is born
9. night of the serpent's judgement
10. midwinter forest

   nukrokesmisamaneden   08.12.2008 16:42

when ı look upon these burial-
grounds my heart sighs
deep in the dark, so is my heart

my black seared heart is the
from the cold clouds above
dust of death
ın my mouth, in my breath

the cold struck urge for pain
ıncreases the lust to gain
reign of knowledge
my apocalyptic vision at its

very peak
my black seared heart can wait
no longer
the force deep desertion has
grown stronger

angelwıngs and ravenclaws
crossing the channel of fire
the wings of the dragon shall
carry me high
the sky so dark and cold
known only to the spirits that
grew old
we rush towards the ravenclaws
they silently await to crush us
we await the coming
cursed as hellbound lizards we
all shall crawl

not the blessed
nor the gifted
we choose the true evil
not the feeble

we lords of dogs
we lords of the hamlets
we lords of swords
we call upon thee
souls of the infernal
ghosts of the wicked
spirits of all that is evil
dance to the master's organ

we call upon you
ıncarnated souls of disaster
spread the fire all high and low
the ravenclaws has waited to

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   nukrokesmisamaneden   08.12.2008 16:43
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