come on home


franz ferdinand şarkısı.

although my lover lives
ın a place that ı can't live
ı kind of find ı like a life
this lonely
ıt rips and pierces me
ın places ı can't see
ı love the rip of nerves
the rip that wakes me

so ı'm dissatisfied
ı love dissatisfied
ı love to feel there's always more that ı need

so come on home
so come on home
so come on - home home

you're where you want to be
ı'm where ı want to be
come on we're chasing
everything we've ever wanted
ı replace you easily
replace pathetically
ı flirt with every flighty thing
that falls my way
but how ı needed you
when ı needed you
let's not forget
we are so strong
so bloody strong

come on home
so come on home
so come on - home, home

blue light falls
upon your perfect skin
falls and you draw back again
falls and this is how ı fell
and ı cannot forget this
ı cannot forget this

come on home
so come on home
but don't forget to leave

ukde : maria puder

   balikistifi   02.12.2009 12:11
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