cruel gentility


<bkz: cynic>

feeling something, needing something
acting something out to this naive
character your far from fear
enveloping your puppet to feel some fire
cruel gentility adheres

manipulation mastermind
your needs kept persevere
routine tendancy, you desire

[lead: jason]

ınitial treatment, open fire
figure in display
a perfect picture mentally
been smeared away
a gentile mind approached to be
a gentile mind would believe
ın confidence, creedence hope
ın what you say

a cruelty born sadistic
created callous hearted
this blinded hidden sight
never should have started
but you...
entreating mortals that
deserve honesty
with your cruel useless

[lead: paul]

no one seems to care
to know to see
the lack of thirst
eyes of acridity
mind of skill used only to decline
a motive in which you find
commıtments - in which you deceive
feelıng spent - only you believe
dıstrustıng - ways in which your kind
contemplation left confined

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