yunan mitoloijisi'nde aşk tanrısı olan eros'un roman mitolojisi'ndeki karşılığıdır.
<bkz: eros>

   ilelebetmuhalefet   23.06.2007 18:14

venusun oglu.

   witchorexia nervosa   13.01.2008 22:14

cupid draw back your bow
and let your arrow flow
straight to my lover's heart for me
nobody else but me hey hey hey
cupid please hear my cry
and let your arrow fly
straight to my lover's heart for me

listen ı don't want to bother you but ı'm in distress
there's danger of me loosing all of my happiness
cause ı love a girl who doesn't know ı exist
ah and this yoy can fix so...


now cupid if your arrow makes her love strong for me
ı swear ı'm gonna love her until eternity
ı know that tween the both of us her heart we can steal
cupid help me if you will so...


hey cupid cupid ı'm calling
don't you hear me ı'm calling you

<bkz: amy winehouse>

   le lys dans la vallee   13.07.2008 20:27
reklamı kapat