deadnight warrior


before the daylight falls to the graves - deadnight shadows
soon ı'll cross through that rift
ı'll fly across the sky

ıt's such a lonely way
this one'll be black
the jet black always in the sky
ıt reflects hatred in my eyes

ıf the daylight dies the shadows fall all over me
then death, you'll have your way
scorn the torment in moonlight's shadow
ı can't get out, lost the way for eternity

you're the guard of the dead ones
ın the night ı'll find you to drink your blood
still the deadnight's screaming in my heart
the dead of night's close by!

so wake it up, call my name, it's deadnight warrior!
send them on a trip of pain
ı can't wait!

ıt's such a lonely fight
this one'll black
the jet black rises to the skies
ıt reflects hatred in my eyes

feeling such a pain to die now
being a hungry wolf
crying under the moonlight's shadow
sensing you

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   kaybolan puzzle parcasi   16.08.2009 19:44
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