distant blazing eye


satanic warmaster'ın 2005 çıkışlı black metal kommando/gas chamber albümünden bir şarkı. sözleri:

...as the end of all twilights is at hand
the moon ascends to eclipse the sun forever
and the earth is enlightened
by the stream of the screaming souls
a ray of obscure unearthly light
that carves the shape
of an eye to the pale surface of the moon
he has given us his sign...

belial is calling us from the ashes of the world
to reach the stars, to enter his eye
to build a bridge of bones and skulls
of those who we live among, who are our prey
to reach the flaming sign, the gate to eternity
the sigil that makes us who we are and one with him
towards the fate of the true spirit of man
towards the distant obscure blazing eye....

   nukrokesmisamaneden   24.04.2009 02:56
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