earth to bella


ıncubus'un light grenades albümünde yer alan şarkıdır..şarkı 2 bölüme ayrılmıştır. ilk bölümü 7. şarkıda, 2. bölümü ise 13. şarkıda sö işte part1'in sözleri..,

earth to bella
you think you've got it all figured in
earth to bella
everything you know is wrong
well, almost

earth to bella
i see where you are not listening
ı bear the burden
of being the voice the lets you know
we all grow old
and before you swim you've gotta be ok
to sink.

earth to bella
the world can be an unfriendly place
so hold your head up
do your best to save some face
its not so hard
just undo yourself and see the second sun
and say

ok to sink , ı'm ok to sink
ok to sink

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   mr writer   03.12.2006 18:24

part2'nin sözleri ise şöyledir..,

earth to bella
this is a quiet emergency
earth to bella
so much more to get than wronged
oh, yeah
earth to bella
you're treading water successfully
but are you really?
don't you want to see the deep?
it's not so hard
just forgive yourself and feel the water open in.

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   mr writer   03.12.2006 18:25
reklamı kapat