every plant we reach is dead


ı lost my leg like ı lost my way
so no loose ends
nothing to see me down
how are we going to work this out?

dreams aren't bad, ı had turned back
ı love the girl
but god only knows it's
getting harder to see the sun coming
ı love you...
but what are we going to do?

picture ı'm a dreamer
ı'll take you deeper
down to the sleepy glow
time is a low
don't you know...
what are we going to do?

when you go back
all the second selfless days
you're in love with him
ı wan't to see you again
ı love you...
but, what are we going to do?
<bkz: gorillaz>

   ghostrider   25.01.2007 09:25
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