full moon


the black ghosts

when the full moon turns white that's when ı'll come home
ı am going out to see what ı can sow
and ı don't know where ı'll go
and ı don't know what ı'll see
but ı'll try not to bring it back home with me

like the morning sun your eyes will follow me
as you watch me wander, curse the powers that be
cause all ı want is here and now but its already been and gone
our intentions always last that bit too long

far far away, no voices sounding, no one around me and
you're still there
far far away, no choices passing, no time confounds me and you're still there

ın the full moons light ı listen to the stream
and in between the silence hear you calling me
but ı don't know where ı am and ı don't trust who ı've been
and ıf ı come home how will ı ever leave

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   merope   30.01.2009 22:38

freak freak y'all

and you don't, don't stop
keep on y'all

and you don't, don't stop

follow me like one time

everybody love me like they do the sunshine

niggas just got off work

time to unwind

strobelight smokin thick (??? ???)

got my mind made up

all night i'ma stay up and fuck a lot

but nah, ı ain't a playa

girl ı'll house you

you in my hut

thinkin of a rhyme trying to hold my nut

armand on the cut com sense mc

baby put that ass in the air where ı can see

feel free feel good

you ain't in the club trying to find a real love

ı spill dubs on heiny's and tequila shots

where studs and chicks pee in the same spot

ıt's hot as hell

freakshow on the dance floor ıs that you ı smell?

ı'ma give that ass room

better yet, let's fuck in the bathroom

ıf we have room it's a full moon.

ıt's a full moon out tonight

party people here just feel alright

the place is packed and the mood is right

now have a good time y'all

a good time y'all

ı know y'all niggas ain't come here to fight

ain't nothin but love so don't be uptight

black latin asian and white

there's some hoes in this house

ıt's thick like them hoes from the south

toothpick froze in my mouth

y'all chicks don't know what ı'm about

ı did "retropsect for life"

they think ı got a wife

but ı got style to mine

so ı dog 'em like phife or snoop.

already boned 3 out the group with my crew ı rock steady like the park

ı hear foot steps in the dark

from them househeads

dancin in the circle in the house like curfew

to work you to the bone

old school cuts get me in a zone

ın the line ı get restless

ı'm straight ı'm on the guestlist

the red light specialist

love is the message

from b-boy to raver expressions

ı get open like the bar at the rap sessions

diggin in the crate with armand

the phenomenon

com think faster than a muslim doing ramadan

ı'm a wand

in otherwords ı'm wildin'

ıt's a full moon and peoples is howlin

chicago rock the house and

new york rock the house and

dc rock the house and

london rock the house and

australia rock the house and

europe you gotta rock the house and

party people rock the house and

japan rock the house and

new york rock the house and

chicago rock the house and

atlanta rock the house and

detroit rock the house and

cali rock the house and

texas rock the house and

alabama rock the house and

black man rock the house and

go on

<bkz: armand van helden>
<bkz: common>

   cay bardaginda ice tea   30.06.2011 21:23 ~ 21:24
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