soykırım sözcüğünün ingilizcesi. "cide" bir çok sözcükte * ölüm, öldürme anlamında kullanılmakta, "gen" de sanırım "genre" (tür, cins, ırk) anlamına gelmektedir. dünya tarihinde bir çok kez vuku bulmuş bu olayın türk milleti tarafından yapıldığına dair herhangi bir tarihi belge bulunmamaktadır.

   sherry   14.10.2006 15:13 ~ 15:14

<bkz: offspring>

our lives run different ways
through the rain ı see you in the sun
our star shines anyway
ıf you wish upon it we are one

one, two, three, four!

dog eat dog
every day
on our fellow man we prey
dog eat dog
to get by
hope you like my genocide

ı find it such a shame
through the pain ı see things as they are
we're served up on a plate
the pedestal is high enough to fall
and if in time
we can see the errors of our ways
would anyone change it anyhow
our time is up

one, two, three, four!

[chorus x2]

ı bet you'd only run
ıf you saw what goes inside our own
ı bet you'd lead the way
ıf it were up to you decide
but it's not

[chorus x2]

like a silver flame
like a suicide
like a killing boy
one, two, three, four!

<bkz: lafmacun şarkı sözü servisi>

   pul koleksiyoncusu   04.02.2007 01:14

venom-at war with satan albumunun 3. sarkısı.
standing in the wings
the reaper waits to play his part
fear drains the blood
from every pure human heart
the final word is spoken
a lovers last embrace
no distance between life or death
the two are face to face

take heed the golden dawn



a prayer from the sinner
for he repents for his soul
hell becomes his destiny
for heaven is his goal

sinner, death deceiver
heathen, disbeleiver

genocide the cure of mankind
armageddon patiently decides

death unveils his gown
the place is truly on fire

you'll see no light
with genocide

life or death it used to be
but now there is no choice
the blackened skies are filled
with cries of every nations voice
the clouds of death are forming
the judgement day is here
no mercy for the innocent
no time for even fear
the golden dawn turns black



no place to hide

with genocide

   chewbacca   29.06.2007 22:33
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