gimme gimme your lovin


bad boys blue'nun guzel sarkisi.

little lady.
you're my music.
you're my favorite song.
little lady.
like to play.
through the night on and on.
and ı know how to go slowly to the bottom of your soul.

gimme, gimme, gimme your lovin'
give me vibration and sweet inspiration.
oh, gimme, gimme, gimme your lovin'
don't keep me waiting, forever.
little lady give me more.

give me more of your love and magical healing.
so little lady keep me warm in your arms tonight.
little lady. you're my ocean.
let my boat sail along.
little lady. something tender.
through my heavenly home.
take your time. time for devotion.
lay your body next to mine.

   donnie darkonun tavsani   26.04.2011 21:03
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