heart of wilderness


<bkz: eternal tears of sorrow>

the night's too strong
the light's so weak
this is where it all began
ıt's all the same once more

the times are so dark
they reach the end
the ancient omens are now here
the golden beast is free:it's free!

ı seek to find
the lost piece of time
ıs the dream the hidden truth
or just a shadow of the past?

ı fear to lose all that ı have
ı'm a prisoner of my own thought
and ı can't find the way out

ı look between the stars
ı breathe between the dreams
ı'm just the messenger of the truth
the distant voice in the dark

ı see a falling star
which makes my dreams come true
could it be that now we have
all the time in the heart of the wilderness?

wind through the fire
light through the dark
now it's the time to build something new
and break the wall of lies

the ruins of town ı left behind
ıt's the time to choose a brand new path
and face the myths of life


   le lys dans la vallee   25.04.2009 19:50
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