moonchild domain


the witchborn queen, leader of demonic whores
profane mistress, captor of sin
sworn to feed the ill and the weak
and bring their women and men into temptation

eliza, the whore of the night
attends the sabbath, the theatre of lust
the hunter is in the ring, caressing folds of flesh
- diabolical intercourse profound

she who brings horror to the insane
and haunts the sick and its kind
selector of innocent holy infants
tempting their flesh, poisoning their mind

the young harlot, who acts by the trust of her fate
cursed beneath the hands of doom, the grand master of hate
for her and hers the bells chime
damnation's own

evil superior siren, moonchild domain
- a sculpture for the holy to burn

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   le lys dans la vallee   09.08.2008 18:40
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