nonus aequilibrium


for ı speak of purity

ı am unconquerable
ın my worship
ı am invincible
on my crusade
however hard the strikes may be
however deep the wounds
this blood immortal
bleeds for thee

ın every breath ı hear
the silent whisper of your name
ın every harmony
ın every thought
you make my water into wine
ı am ever thine

blessed was ı with the consecration
to indomitable dedication

two bound as one
ın a trinity
where ı comprise
ınfinite forms of unity

ın unity reborn
to a state
where all past burdens
no longer shall be worn

ı pledge to perfection
no compromise can touch my woe
nor questions reach my faith
ın immortality

ın the name of
nonus aequilibrium
ı am thine
ıx times ıx...


   le lys dans la vallee   23.01.2009 19:06
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