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slumdog millionaire filminin oscar'a aday gösterilen soundtrackı.
yazan: a. r. rahman
seslendiren: m.i.a

they can't touch me
we break off
run so fast they can't even catch me
been that gypsy
touch me ı'll show you tricks with my zig-zag quickly
pick up the packs on my journey
dogs run, they start to follow me
have my luck, some days they suck
when you live for the buck
we get for the family

one day ı wanna be a star
so ı get to hang in a bar
ı'll go to vegas with the playas
just to forget my scars

ek do teen chaar paanch chheh saat aath nau das gyaarah baarah terah
(hintçe 1'den 13'e kadar)

sweat shops have made me shifty
like a ninja with speed ı'm nifty
ı hope ı live 'til ı'm fifty
see my city go from gritty to pretty

   crml   09.04.2009 04:58
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