sharper than the blade


under the shining stars
which are like glaring diamonds
did we only come to die
like a short-life butterfly?

so this is the world of pains
all shadows are hidden in darkness
ı've got the light for you
while the sun is getting darker
there will be pain again
there will be the shades of fate
we will hear so many screams
ı see the life sharper than the blade

at the end of all wars
under the sun we warm
could we understand who had won?
or why we have born?

ın our nightmares
we had seen it before

(over the fully rain clouds, none of ys will ever taste the
eternity, at the hall of time, all of us will weave our own shrouds)

<bkz: catafalque>

   le lys dans la vallee   10.10.2008 18:55
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