ing. ispanyol.

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ing. ispanyolca

   swarem   04.02.2007 21:04

would you like a drink with me?
(ıf you donât mind, can ı talk to you if itâs all right)
ı want your body close to mine
(all night, while weâre dancing in the moonlight)
we could spend the night in ectasy
(kissing, touching, caressing)
you know that you donât have to leave (tonight)
saying why didnât ı go home with you tonight.

ın fresh from out of town
just breezed in so ı thought ıâd take a look around
and find a party where the vibe is right
ıâm talking maybe meet a honey take her home tonight,
so shades on, topâs off the whip
taking in the sigths as ı cruise the strip
as ı pull up to a red light
ı see the pretty little shorty in my headlights.

this girl looked half black yet half oriental
man this chickâs got class & style
ıâd like to ask her for her credentials
name, address, numbers to dial
she plays tuff when deep down sheâs gentle
ainât that hard to read the signs
the girl bangs like dre instrumentals
well hereâs an acappella of mine


scene two all up in the club
got my game tight about to tear it up
could be a night that ı wonât forget
boy ıâm lookin for a honey & ıâm a confident
ı wasâ dancing bat ı had to stop
whe ı clocked this fly girl wearing a halter top
she had her hair done nails right
this señorita had a booty that was so tight

she was aâ hot girl looked continental
damn, her body looked so fine
the way she spoke ı saw her potential
ıf looks could kill then sheâd do time
ı donât claim to speak perfect spanish
but ı do know a few lines
this femaleâs sliker than your average
and ı gotta meke her mine

so, quieres beber conmigo?
(ıf you donât mind, can ı talk to you, if itâs all right)
quiero sentir tu cuerpo
(all night while weâre dancing in the moonlight)
haz el amor conmigo
(kissing, touching, caressing)
ya no me dejes solo (tonight)
saying why didnât ı go home with youâ

tonight ıâm from the distance admiring
girl youâre looking so vibrant
and ı dig the way you move your body
letâs get out of this party
maybe we can get naughty
say bye, bye girlfriends
âcos just in a minute weâll be gone if weâre n-sync
(can we dance?)

would you like a drink and some loving?
but leave your husband at home
unless he want a bump on the dome
come along, rub alongside me
put your phone on silence, just breath
what youâre doing is rigth, what ıâm doing is wrong
only time ı do right is when ıâm doing a song
so, expect your ex to exit the area
exterior vex, perplex by the sex
what youâre drinking?
drinks on me, find me on drink & drink on me
you can ride next to me, girl itâs ectasy
hereâs something for your ex to see
ıtâs messed up how ı slide up your tight with my right hand
you wanna ride all night then ı can
donât be shy of just one, one night stand, now letâs go!!!


<bkz: craig david>

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