<bkz: slayer>

crushing all you worthless goals
ı define control
your pain's my fucking ecstasy
so putrid is my world of tyranny

to accentuate your desperation
flesh from bone ı'll rip and tear
ı hate the fact that we breath the same air

helpless as ı dominate
ı won't celebrate
until you've all been crucified
ı can not rest till everyone has died

ı can't stand the victim in you
ınfecting everything that ı do
ı will eradicate
obliterate depopulate
divine atrocious suffering
cleansation of the weak

pissing on your faith
ıncinerate god's whore
perpetual is my reign
ı will eat your soul

[lead king]

must maintain control of the weak

[lead hanneman]

must maintain control of the weak
must contain the minds of the free

   tematik   16.04.2007 20:36
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