take your love with me


1 mart 2009da piyasaya sürülmüş sophie madeleine adlı hanımkızımızın love life ukulele albümünün açılış parçası.
nam-ı diğer, "the ukulele song".

ı could navigate the ocean in a homemade boat
and fly across the desert on a ten pound note.
ı could do most anything if everywhere ı go
ı could take your love with me.

ı could tame the wildest animals with just one stare.
ı'd even take my chances with a polar bear.
ı could be in mortal danger but ı wouldn't care
ıf ı could take your love with me.

and so you made me a promise
that you would always be around.
and you would stay true and honest
because ı need you in my pocket,
in my heart and in my head,
so ı just had to find a way to take you everywhere ı went.

and so you bought a ukulele with a message inside
that ı should always have it with me never leave it behind
and now everywhere ı play it ı will keep you in mind
so ı can take your love with me.
and ı can take your love with me

   maria puder   16.11.2009 22:36
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