the wanton song


silent woman in the night, you came, took my seed from my shaking frame.
same old fire, another flame, and the wheel rolls on.

silent woman through the flames, you come, from the deep behind the sun
seems my nightmares, have just begun
left me barely holding on.

with blazing eyes you see my trembling hand.
when we know the time has come
lose my senses, lose command
feel your healing rivers run

ıs it every time ı fall, that ı think this is the one
ın the darkness can you hear me call
another day has just begun.

silent woman, my face is changed
some know in ways to come.
feel my fire needs a brand new flame
and the wheels rolls on.... rolls on.

<bkz: led zeppelin>

   pul koleksiyoncusu   15.02.2007 02:22
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