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todd richards


minnesota wild koçu idi dün akşama kadar. 2 sezon san jose sharks ta yardımcı antrenörlük yapmıştı ve geçtiğimiz 2 sezon boyunca minnesota wild takımının başındaydı.
takımının başında, 2 sezonda 77 galibiyet, 71 mağlubiyet ve 16 uzatma galibiyeti elde etti.

"we'd be foolish and silly if we didn't look over the past 16 games and figure out what went wrong and why it went wrong. for a good portion of the season, ı look back over the season and we did a lot of really good things. ı think we accomplished some things. ıt probably doesn't seem that way. that's the way ı feel. to me there was growth in players, there was growth in chemistry, culture, things we want to create here and build upon. but still, there is still the disappointment of the finish. ıt was a great game tonight, we finished on the right note. but ı'm talking about being so close, and feeling you're right there, feeling like you had it. ıt leaves you with an empty feeling."
—wild coach todd richards after his team ended the season with a 5-3 victory over dallas. richards' team was in the playoff mix before it went through an eight-game winless streak from march 10 through march 26. he was fired at the end of the season.

dick advocaat - 11.04.2011 22:29

bir mourinho değil neticede.

ramiz - 11.04.2011 22:30 ~ 22:30