total holocaust


burn/us by thy fire/baptize us/with the blood of the liar.
bring/grim to our heart/against to the light/to blaze the unholy total holocaust.
supreme of fire is boiling in my veins.
heat of hell surrounds the cold of winter.
take your cresset and follow us,
let’s fire all the fuckin sacred temples.
kill your human inside and join us,
(then)watch the sheeps in total holocaust.
power of fire is boiling in my veins,
heat of hell embraces the cold of winter.
father of all fallens,we signed your divine name/with unholy fire.
a holocaust for thy great mightness,to arrive your/mighty exalted throne.
and finished all the living beauty of the world/grimly one by one.
now just the ashes of holiness/in total holocaust.
ı am enchanted by the thousand fullmoon lights.
(ın lonely winter nights)

<bkz: the sarcophagus>

   nukrokesmisamaneden   02.12.2008 00:12
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