war of wrath


nightfall in the middle earth albümünün açılış parçası
başlangıç olarak silmarillion un sonu sayılkabilicek bir yer seçilmiş
melkor un tutsak edildiği bu gazap savaşının konu edildiği parça da aşağıdaki konuşma geçer:

the field is lost
everything is lost
the black one has fallen from the sky and the towers in ruins lie
the enemy is within, everywhere
and with him the light, soon they will be here
go now, my lord, while there is time
there are places below

and you know them too
i release thee, go
my servant you'll be for all time

as you command
my king

i had a part in everything
twice i destroyed the light and twice i failed
i left ruin behind me when i returned
but i also carried ruin with me
she, the mistress of her own lust

   thuringwethil   25.04.2009 17:46
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