world of shit


<bkz: eels>

ın this world of shit
baby you are it
a little light that shines all over
must take over and see us through the night

daddy was a troubled genius
mama was a real good egg
why don't we just get together
for whatever and see if it's alright

ı spent so many days
just staring at the haze
and ı think that that's a book
that ı don't have to write again
now when ı rise ı shine
ı got you on my mind
and the question isn't if
the question is merely when...

baby ı confess
ı am quite a mess
so let's get married and make some people
more than equal in this world of shit

ı will make a pledge
to get down off the ledge
you and ı belong together
and forever we will have our love

   zibidigibi   17.06.2009 01:39
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