wraith the oblivion


raven's cry,
tempest's roar,
harbringer: what do you bring?

crying, laughing,
raging, sighing,
chanteur: what do you sing?

iron collars,
black whips,
pardoner: what do you cleanse?

sand shining,
tattered dreaming,
sandman: what lies do you tell?

cards and crystals,
coins and stars,
oracle: what do you see?

silent stillness,
faded glimpses,
proctor: who do you serve?

smile and frown,
walk and dance,
puppeteer: who do you own?

lights flashing,
floor creaking,
poltergeist: what do you fear?

steadfast, watching,
patient, waiting,
monitor: who do you watch?

crash and burn,
smash and crack,
spook: what do you break?

hammer and tongs,
ringing in songs,
artificer: what do you make?

flesh and soul,
parts of a whole,
usurer: what do you charge?

clip and cut,
nip and tuck,
masquer: who do you hide?


   bakaneko   10.08.2007 00:21
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