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peter'ın aldığı krediden dolayı griffinler'in evlerine banka el koymuştur. stevenson soyadına sahip bir aile taşınır eve.

telefon çalar.

chris: stephenson residence.
lois: chris, we've gone through this before. it's pronounced griffin.
chris:*hiii mooom!

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:00 ~ 15:00

chris: hey little dude, how about some ice cream?
stewie: yes i could go for a frozen treat right about now. but no sprinkles. and for every sprinkle i find, i shall kill you.

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:01

peter: hey lois, can you grab me a beer?...lois?
chris: dad, i think she went out.
peter: alright then you be lois.
chris: okay.
peter: hey lois, can you get me a be...oh my god, you've really let yourself go!
chris: well maybe if you bought me some nice clothes once in a while!

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:02

stewie: mama mama mama mum mum mum mum mum mum ma ma ma ma ma maaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaa lois lois lois?

lois: whatttttt!!!!!

stewie:helloooo (hihihiihi)

   tuzsuz   14.08.2007 15:04

peter: i'll handle it, lois. i read a book about this sort of thing once.
brian: are you sure it was a book? are you sure it wasn't nothing?
peter: oh yeah.

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:04

lois'e hamilelik testi yaparlar*

lois: okay, one more minute, and then if there are two pink lines...
peter: oh god, i hope you're not pregnant, we can't afford another kid. we already got chris, stewey, richie, joanie, greg, marsha, bobby, jan, mike seaver, carol seaver, boner, urkel, mr. furley...
brian: peter those aren't your kids, that's the nick-at-night lineup.
peter: blanka, zangeif, chun-li, guile, e. honda...
brian: that's street fighter.
peter: red, blue, green...
brian: those are colors.

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:06

peter- hey brian! i turned the stairs into a waterslide!
(peter düşer, bağırmaya başlar)
brian- i'm not going to call an ambulance this time because if i do you won't learn anything.

   leif erikson   14.08.2007 15:18
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