1994 çıkışlı megadeth albümü;

1. reckoning day
2. train of consequences
3. addicted to chaos
4. à tout le monde
5. elysian fields
6. the killing road
7. blood of heroes
8. family tree
9. youthanasia
10. ı thought ı knew ıt all
11. black curtains
12. victory
13. millennium of the blind
14. new world order (demo)
15. absolution
16. à tout le monde (demo)

ismi güzel bir şekilde laf oyunu barındırır tıpkı pigastro gibi.

gençken ötanazi.. albüm kapağı da favori albüm kapağımdır.

   eddie   19.12.2007 23:04 ~ 20.12.2007 22:45

megadeth'in aynı adlı albümünden. sözleri:

who'd believe with the way things are here
we'd be going anywhere telling people
how to live?
who'd believe we'd spend more
shippin' drugs and guns
than to educate our sons? sorry but
that's what they did

i can't help but think,
someone's forsaken you and me

luck deserted me and the truth
beat out my brains
men rise on stepping stones of their
selves to higher things
i've stepped over lots of bodies on my way
thanks for the information don't need no
more anything

i can't help but think,
someone's forsaken you and me

we are the damned of all the world
with sadness in our hearts
the wounded of the wars
we've been hung out to dry
you didn't want us anyway
and now we're making up our minds
you tell us how to run our lives
we run for youthanasia

   metallicblack   19.11.2008 22:38 ~ 07.02.2009 14:01

kapağı ayrı bir güzel olan megadeth albümü. megadeth in en farklı ama en güzel albümlerinden biri.

   lefterbartu de souza   17.03.2010 18:24

megadeth'in en melodik, en farklı albümüdür. bu albümde thrash metal'den iyiden iyiye uzaklaşmış, daha hard rock bir yapı almışlardır. ama güzel albümdür, sevilir. öne çıkan parçalar; reckoning day, train of consequences, a tout le monde, family tree ve i thought i knew it all'dur..

   megadeth16   16.09.2010 10:46
reklamı kapat