<bkz: savatage>

ın the town of sarajevo, there's an old medieval square
there's a church aside one corner most believe was always there

ıt was built a thousand years before any now were born
and its glory was its belfry with its stones all gray... and worn

now there's a gargoyle on that belfry and he's been up there for years
and he has watched and he has pondered: "what is laughter, what are tears?"

and he's never found his answers as he sees the years go by
but he watches and he wonders with his stone unblinking eyes

ıt was the year of nıneteen-nınety
and the berlın wall was down
and a thousand years regretted
now laıd burıed ın the ground

and the prophets read the future
and the omens all seemed kınd
ın the classıc words of dıckens
ıt surely was the best of tımes

   le lys dans la vallee   27.01.2009 22:27

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