break you


bir drowning pool parçası.

trying to find a way to fight the pain
but it seems, there’s no way around it
reaching for the sun and finding rain
ı melt, i’ll always be grounded
so much i have brought upon my self
can’t, believe that i’m still here
looking for a place you know so well
you see, it never resisted
ı will break you x4
break you
all this time, i reall though you knew
the game was not meant for winning
explination for the things i do
no, but i’m constanly grinning
ı will break you x5
could you ever recognize this pain
you see, it’s so far from over
ı don’t guess you’ll never be the same
you know i’m choking on knowledge
ı will break you x12

   asabiyeticokparanoyasiazmissizofren   20.07.2008 13:35

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